University of Wales Trinity Saint David (2013 – present)


Academic Seminar (2013-14)
Advanced Cybersecurity (2017-current)
Computer Forensics (2017-current)
Computer Networks (2014-16)
Computer & Network Architecture (2013-14)
Cybersecurity (2017-current)
Data Security and Compliance (2021-current)
Digital Signal Processing & Communications (2013-15)
Emerging Trends (2021-current)
Internet Security (2013-2017)
Network Management (2013 – 2019)
Network Operating Systems and Security (2016-2017)
Network Simulation (2015-16)
Wide Area Networks (2014 – 2019)
Wireless Networks & Protocol Design (2013-16)
Wireless Networks & Simulation (2016-18)
Project supervision (2013-current)


Data Security Governance and Compliance (2019-current)
Emerging & Future Trends (2020)
Emerging Network Technologies (2014-2019)
Network Security (2014-current)
Security Analysis, Techniques and Procedures (2020-current)
Project supervision (2013-current)

Coventry University (2010 – 2012)

Computer Systems and Networking
Information Systems
Introduction to E-Commerce
Business analysis
Management Information Systems
Systems and Connectivity
Ethical Hacking 1
Digital Technology and Society
Business Simulation
Advanced Information Systems
Systems Security
Advanced Network Management and Design
IS/IT Procurement